Japanese quality Bags, Backpack & Luggage manufacturer in Vietnam

Japan Quality

For a long time , our manufacturing factory have been manufacturing luggages (suitcases, soft luggages), Backpacks (school backpacks & business backpacks & travel backpacks), business bags (briefcase) & tote bags, for the demanding market in Japan at Shanghai manufacturing factory in China and Ho Chi Minh manufacturing factory in Vietnam.
Today, we are expanding our market worldwide with our quality control system and luggages(suitcases) & bag backpack production technology.

Japan quality

Cost Performance

Our manufacturing factory are always aiming for "High quality and reasonable luggages(suitcases) & bags backpack".
As for raw materials, we always look for and adopt high-quality, low-priced raw materials imported from Vietnam, ASEAN countries, China, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.
And we always carefully screen unnecessary costs to bring you.

Cost Performance

Vietnamese Labor

Compared to the national income level, Vietnamese workers are wise, hardworking, skilled, have high intellectual and educational standards, and are recognized as having the advantage of quickly absorbing technological progress.
We have taken advantage of our excellent workforce to deliver complex suitcases & bags backpacks at low prices.
Vietnamese Labor