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Company Profile

company name

Noritaka Ueda

Head office location
Lot H6 (zone 1) D9 road, Rach Bap industrial park, An Dien commune, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

June 4, 2014

Business description
Manufacture and sale of bags
・Manufacture of travel bags (suitcases, carry cases)
・Manufacturing business bags
・Manufacturing backpacks

Contact information

TEL +84 274.3.592.885-6-7 / FAX +84 274.3.592.889

WEBSITE www.souki.vn


Always we are making bags from the standpoint of the user.
Many people use variety ways.
We Souki will continue to analyze the “various ways” and create easy-to-use bags.


Our company has staff who can understand English, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese. We can handle orders from all over the world.
We want to deliver confident good products all over the world.

Top Message

As we ran a suitcase rental business in Japan, we noticed that we were not satisfied with the quality and price of many suitcases.
This is because suitcases for rental business are used to travel abroad more than 20 times a year.
Purchased travel suitcases are usually used less often after the first time, so it is difficult for many travel suitcase suppliers to notice.
We decided to produce our own travel suitcases as the most power users of travel suitcases.